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Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)

What is TF-CBT?

TF-CBT is an evidence based treatment to help individual to manage the effect of traumatic experiences, reducing the negative behavioral and emotional responses following trauma. Throughout treatment, individuals are able to recall the traumatic experience without becoming overwhelmed with strong emotions, thoughts and impulses and develop effective coping and interpersonal skills reducing the negative impact that the traumatic event has had on their life. 


As a certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (TF-CBT)  I help children, adolescents and adults to overcome specific traumas and to cope with past events. My training in this approach has provided me a more comprehensive and differentiated view letting me to understand not only what is said, but how it is said and also what is not said. As a therapist, we are trained in making associations between present events and people's life histories, knowing the stages of human development and deeply detect traumas and how they may be influencing the current way of life of the person. 

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