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Child and Adult
Individual Psychotherapy

What Is Therapy?

  Therapy is setting aside a space in your day to take care of yourself and your relationships. It is an investment in your quality of life and your personal growth. It is a space where you can be heard without judgement, overcome fears and traumas, find new skills, increase self-knowledge and improve relationships with loved ones. It is a place to heal and to find the tools to move on from what has been holding you back and  become the person you want to be.

Why to do do Therapy?

 Mental health is very important. Prioritize your personal well-being. Take time for you. Don't judge where you are or where you think you should be. Just be kind and patient with yourself.

Why Child Therapy?

 Playing is the main learning tool in your child's world. Everything that your child plays during his/her day generates neural connections to give him/her the skills for language development, motor skills, intelligence, social skills and problem solving.

       Therapy for children is giving them a space to express and process feelings without judgement, learn effective strategies to manage life's changes, conquer fears and worries, decrease behavior problems, process grief and loss, past trauma and abandonment, among other issues. When a child feels safe, heard, seen and understood their confidence grows  and develops lasting successful relationships as an adult.

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